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The Friends of the Library

Helping Hands The Friends of the Marathon County Public Library is a nonprofit volunteer organization with the goal of promoting and improving library services in Marathon County, Wisconsin. These goals are funded via donations, membership fees, book sales and special fundraising events.

The Friends carry out their mission through:

  • Grants — Annually, the Friends solicit and award grants to fund projects for library branches and divisions.
  • Material & equipment purchases — Friends purchase and donate equipment and materials needed throughout the library system.
  • Art purchases — During the annual Festival of the Arts, Friends take advantage of Festival of the Arts matching grants to purchase artworks for patrons to check out.
  • Sponsoring special programs, such as the Summer Library Program, Older Americans Day and family programs.

Benefits of becoming a Friend of Marathon County Public Library:

  • Receive an invitation to a special "pre-sale" for the Wausau book sale.
  • Receive a printed version of the library's bi-monthly newsletter by mail.

To join the Friends, print and complete a Friends Membership Application. Memberships last fall through spring.

Friends Board Members / Meetings

2015 Friends board meetings: 1/26, 2/23, 3/23, 4/27, 5/26, 6/22, (no July metting), 8/24, 9/28, 10/26, 11/23, (no December meeting)

Friends board meetings are held at MCPL Wausau in the 2nd Floor Meeting Room. Meetings start at 4:00pm, preceded by a social period 3:30-4:00pm.

2015 Friends board members:
  • President: Ed Cohen
  • Vice President: Gail Cain
  • Secretary: Joan Cohen
  • Treasurer: Dick Wachtl
  • Communications / Publicity Chair: Sharon Harder
  • Communications: Jeanette Goede
  • Book Sale Chair: Kate Srozinski
  • Book Sale: Kenneth Srozinski
  • Human Resources Chair: Jack Kivi
  • Human Resources: Meredith Kivi
  • Membership: Mary Landwehr
  • Library director: Ralph Illick

2015 off-board committee members:
  • Membership: Don Haney
  • Membership: Linda Haney

To contact any Friends board member, use our contact us webpage. Please include the name of the board member in your subject to ensure proper routing, e.g. "Subject — c/o John Smith, Friends of MCPL."

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