Operations & Procedures Manual

A [top] Operations
Access: Economic Barriers to Information 4.16
Access: Free Access to Libraries for Minors 4.09
Access for Children and Young People to Videotapes and Other Non-print Formats 4.04
Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks 4.15
Access to Library Materials - Restricted 4.13
Administration of Library 7.01
Administrative Policies and Procedures Affecting Access to Library Resources and Services 4.02
Annual Report 7.05
Appraisal: MCPL Management Employee Performance Planning 7.24
Appraisal: MCPL Non-Management Employee Performance Planning 7.26
Audiovisual Materials Circulation Policy 10.11
Authorization and Travel Expense Statement 7.10
B [top]
Behavior in the Library Policy; Banning Form 7.57
Bill of Rights 4.01
Board/Director Relationship 6.02
Board of Trustees Travel Policy and Travel Expense Form 6.09
Board Meeting Minutes to Staff 6.06
Board Meeting Recording 6.12
Board Members 6.03
Book Club Procedure 10.30
Borrowing Materials by Staff 10.29
Bylaws for the Marathon County Public Library Board of Trustees 6.01
Bylaws of Wisconsin Valley Library Service 9.02
C [top]
Challenged Materials 4.03
Chapter 43: Libraries 3.01
Checkout Policies - Fines and Fees 10.10
Children's Area Appropriate Use Policy 11.34
Circulation Records—Wisconsin Statute Chapter 43.30 10.13
Claims Returned and Lost Materials, Communicating with the Customer 10.27A
Collection Development 4.05
Collection Development Policy 13.01
Complaint Policy for Materials Collection 13.06
Complaint Procedure for Materials Collection 13.07
Computer and Internet Access & Use 11.21
Confidentiality of Library Records 4.30
Copyright 11.23
D [top]
Digital Signage Policy 8.03
Display and Exhibit Policy 11.31
Distribution Policy for Brochures, Posters, Gifts 11.33
Division for Blind and Handicapped Service Program & Sub-lending Agency Service Agreement 11.11
Donation Policy 13.04
Donation Procedures 13.05
E [top]
Emergency Boiler/Plumbing/Electrical/Air Conditioning Repair 8.26
Emergency Governance 7.03
E-Reader Checkout Policy and Patron Agreement 10.14
Equipment/Library Staff Checkout Procedure 8.50
Equipment Repair 8.51
Evaluating Library Collections 4.06
Expenditure Authorization 7.40
Expurgation of Library Materials 4.08
F [top]
Fax Service for Non-Library Related Transactions 11.25
Fire Plan 8.22
Fiscal Powers of the Library Board & the Library Director 6.04
Fixed Assets Quadrants 7.44
Freedom to Read (The) 4.31
Freedom to View 4.32
Friends of the Marathon County Public Library 12.01
Friends of the Marathon County Public Library Book Sale Policy 13.08
Fund Raising Policy 7.45
G [top]
Garage or Tools for Personal Use 8.27
Governmental Intimidation Policy 4.37
I [top]
Injuries/Accidents - Public - Reporting 7.21
Interlibrary Loan Policy and General Procedures 10.24
Intersystem Registration Card Policy 10.03
Intern Program Policy 7.29
Introduction 1.01
L [top]
Laptop/Tablet Checkout Policy and Patron Agreement 10.12
Library Card Registration Policy - Library Card 10.01
Library Card Registration Procedure - Library Card 10.01A
Library Initiated Programs as a Resource 4.11
Lost or Damaged Library Materials Standard Charges 10.28
M [top]
Maintenance Work Form 8.02
Marathon County Public Library Building Blocks 2.01
Marathon County Public Library Foundation 12.02
Materials Selection Procedure 13.02
Media Policy 7.11
Meeting Room Policy 8.01
Meeting Rooms, Exhibit Spaces, & Bulletin Boards 4.07
Memorial and Honorary Purchases Procedure 6.11
N [top]
Naming Rights Policy 7.55
O [top]
Open Meetings of Governmental Bodies (Chapter 19) 3.02
Open Records Law: Bronson LaFollette, Attorney General Opinion 6-2-83 3.07
Open Records Law, Interpretations of: Marathon County 1.30 3.05
Open Records Law, Interpretations of: Marathon County Public Library Open Records Law Legal Custodian 3.06
Operations Manual: Updating, Copies and Form 1.03
Organizational Chart 7.02
Outreach Service Policy 11.10
Overdue, Lost or Damaged Library Materials 10.27
P [top]
Paging System (Headquarters) 8.52
Passport Policy 11.02
Patron Linking Procedure 10.17
Performance Planning and Appraisal Process 7.22
Photo Release Policy 7.56 a
Police Assistance 7.58
Powers of the Library Board of Trustees 6.05
Privacy of Library Records and Library Use 7.50
Programming Planning and Development Policy 7.60 a-b
R [top]
Recognition of Personnel 6.08
Records 3.04
Reference E-Mail Procedure 11.22
Resolution 5.01
Resolution on the USA Patriot Act and Related Measures That Infringe on the Right of Library Users 4.38
S [top]
Sale/Disposal of Used Property 8.53
School and Group Visits to the Library 11.03
Smoking – 1983 Wisconsin Act 211 and Wisconsin Statute 101.123 8.43
Smoking – City of Wausau Ordinance 2.90 8.41
Smoking – Marathon County Ordinance 9.05 8.42
Smoking – Marathon County Public Library 8.40
Statement on Appraisal of Gifts 4.33
Statement on Code of Ethics 4.35
Statement on Labeling 4.14
Statement on Re-evaluation of Library Materials for Children's Collections 4.34
Story Time Policy 11.01
Study Room Procedure 8.01
T [top]
Teen Zone Xbox Gaming Procedures 10.16
Theft of Library Materials (Chapter 943.61) 3.03
Time Sheets 7.20
U [top]
Unattended Customer Policy 7.59
Universal Right to Free Expression (The) 4.18
User Fee – Lost Library Card Charge 10.21
User Fee – Photocopying, Printing, Computer, Faxing Fees 10.23
V [top]
Volunteer Application Form 7.28
Volunteer Program Policy 7.27
W [top]
Weeding the Collection Policy 13.03
Wii Gaming Procedure 10.15
Wisconsin Public Library Systems 9.01
Wisconsin Valley Library Service Board Members 9.03
Wisconsin Valley Library Service Intersystem Agreement for Continuing Education 9.04
Work Rules
Workshop, Conference & Meeting Attendance Policy 7.08
Workshop, Conference & Meeting Authorization Form 7.09