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Online Resources: College Prep

Internet Resources

Education Portal

A resource hub for students and working professionals to research career paths, degree programs, and schools within their chosen disciplines. This site provides practical information practical information in both written and video formats created and organized by a dedicated team of experts including educators, librarians, college counselors, career counselors, and journalists.

Exploring Career Info. | Bureau of Labor Statistics

Maintained by the U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, this site is specifically designed to help K-12 students explore career options based on their interests and preferences. (More in-depth data is available on the Bureau of Labor Statistics main site at

KnowHow2GO Wisconsin

Information and advice for high school students on what it takes to get into college and how to plan ahead for things like college entrance exams, financial aid, choosing a major, and more.

State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB)

Provides links to financial aid programs and applications for schools throughout Wisconsin. HEAB is responsible for the management and oversight of the state's student financial aid system.

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