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Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)

All MCPL locations offer wireless Internet service, available anywhere within the building. The network's name is "Library." No password is required, but after you connect, you will need to open your browser and accept the library's computer policy before you are fully connected.

To use Wi-Fi the library, you will need the following:

  • A laptop or other device with a wireless Internet network interface card rated 802.11b/g standard -- commonly called "Wi-Fi. "
  • The ability to properly configure your laptop, if necessary.
  • A charged battery and/or an AC adaptor. A limited number of electrical outlets are available in the library.
  • Headphones if you plan to listen to audio.

Your computer should automatically recognize the library’s wireless signal.
If it does not, you may need to properly configure your laptop's settings. Common wireless connection instructions are available here: Windows 7 | Windows Vista | Windows XP | Mac OS

Common Questions:

Q: My laptop does not detect a signal, and I cannot connect.
A1: Be sure your Wi-Fi switch is turned on. There is a physical switch on many laptops that activates/deactivates the wireless receiver. Also, if you just turned your laptop on, you may have to wait a minute or so before it finds the correct signal.
A2: Check your Network Connections control panel. Look for the network / Wi-Fi icon in the system tray (by the clock), or under "Connections" (or "Networks") in the Start Menu; open it, find the "Library" network and double-click to connect.

Q: My computer says it's "connected," but I am unable to connect.
A: Be sure to open your browser first, and click to accept the Internet policy that appears. The connection won't be authorized (and therefore, won't work) unless you do this. If the policy does not automatically appear, navigate to manually. If all else fails, (1) disconnect from the "Library" network, (2) restart your computer, (3) reconnect to "Library."

Q: Can I use my iPod, PSP or other portable device?
A: Only if the device has a browse and you are able to see and click to accept the Internet policy. We cannot enable connections by IP address, SSID or WEP key.

Q: Can I print from my laptop to a Library printer?
A: No. We are not currently configured to allow wireless users to print. A common work-around is to transfer files to a disk or portable storage device, or email files to one's self, and then access and print these files from a public lab computer. Alternately, you may email your documents to the library, and we will print them upon request. (Ask a staff person for the appropriate email address.) Copies are 10¢ per page.

Q: How safe is Wi-Fi?
A: As with most public wireless "hot spots," the library's wireless connection is not secure. Wireless users should choose not to transmit personal information (credit card numbers, passwords and any other sensitive information) while using any wireless "hot spot." Please take appropriate precautions when using this service.