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Athens Branch's Fiber Arts Group Donates Art Blanket to Charity

fiber arts blanket

February 5, 2018

Our Athens Branch's Fiber Arts group recently collaborated on an art blanket to be donated to Aid Africa's Children charity. Local resident Darlene Strack crocheted the blanket and her fellow Fiber Arts group members supplied the yarn and inspired the theme "Four Seasons Farm Field." Every week, the group and other library patrons looked forward to having input on the progress of the design. In addition, Athens Branch Library Coordinator and poet, Dawn Anderson, supported the effort by writing a poem to showcase the symbolism of each row and color in the blanket.

The poem is as follows:

Four Seasons Farm Field

It begins.
Spring earth
Rich as dark chocolate
Anticipating new birth
Fed on the humus of manure.

Sprouts pierce the tilled soil
Taking that first breath
of warming sun.

Rows of crop
Arms wide
Faces upturned
Lapping up rain
in the growing field.

Wild youth of crop
Pollinated by wind
Mingling, swaying, courting
in long stretch of summer.

Mature and lush
Heavy are the pregnant stalks
Thick rows
as if one body of green.

Colors of autumn
Full tassels, dry fruit and crumpled silk
The Combine comes
to gather the gold
Wisconsin gold.

The field now must rest
Snow deepens
plush and feather-soft
The land is white and pure
as new hope.

The farmer too
can spare some fun
A snowmobile trail
glides over the
blanketed stubble.
As nature sleeps
throttles open.

Winter drones on
in aging snow
The slow thaw
Nitrogen rich snow
melts back into earth
as rocks rise
with the departing frost.

And then,
it begins again.

According to an Aid Africa's Children representative, the art blanket is expected to earn $300 for the charity. 

Our Athens Branch's Fiber Arts group meets weekly on Tuesday afternoons from 1-4 p.m., so come get in on the fun! Fiber arts and needle arts groupscan be found at many other MCPL branches, too! 

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image credit: Image by Marathon County Public Library staff.