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August 31, 2016

School is back in session, and with this comes all kinds of tests, projects and reports. What better place to gather research and study materials than your local library?

In addition to books on everything from anthropology to Zentangle, MCPL has study guides for tests like the GED, ACT and LSAT that can be checked out. MCPL also has online resources for study purposes, including access to Explora, Britannica, LearningExpress and multiple databases via EBSCOhost.

Need someone to administer proctored exams? MCPL has got you covered there, too, with trained staff members on-hand to set up and oversee your testing. Study rooms accommodating one to 10 people can also be reserved for private and group study purposes.

For a full list of the educational resources available at the library, visit or call 715-261-7230 for details.

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