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Big Changes for the Friends of the Library

July 9, 2012

Things are changing for the Friends. The takeover of administrative duties formerly performed by library staff has largely been completed thanks to hard-working committee members. We still face decisions regarding how to handle our Wausau book sales because of possible changes to the third floor space. In that regard, several board members and the director made a trip to Janesville and Madison to investigate their book sale facilities.

As to book sales, the May sale raised $6,473. There will be no book sale in August, and the November sale is in question due to space issues. We continue to raise significant revenue from our relationship with Giggil, a company that buys our surplus inventory.
The Membership Committee has designed a new membership application form that will serve our purposes better. It will contain a space for your e-mail address so we can more easily send you the MCPL newsletter and other information.

Encourage your acquaintances to join the Friends and help us support the library!
(from the MCPL Newsletter, July-Sept. 2012)

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