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Big Changes to the Storytime Schedule

May 16, 2010

It really feels like summer today!  With the change in seasons comes changes to our storytime schedule:

  • Our last Family Storytime at the Wausau Headquarters will be held Saturday, May 22. 
  • Family Storytimes are not held during the summer months; they will resume again in the fall.
  • Book Babies, Tales for Twos and Preschool Storytimes at the Wausau Headquarters are going on hiatus for three weeks, May 17-June 4.  During those three weeks, the staff will be visiting over 2000 students at their schools to give presentations about the summer reading program.  Another 600 students will be visiting the library for tours.
  • Book Babies and Preschool Storytimes in Wausau will resume their regular weekly schedule during the week of June 6, with an Independence Day break during the week of July 4.
  • Tales for Twos will be held June 8, but will not be held June 22-July 13, as we will be presenting many special programs, performers and presentations those Tuesday mornings as part of our Summer Library Program--Make a Splash! Tales will resume its regular weekly schedule July 20.
  • Family Storytimes at the Hatley Branch will be held during the summer, except during the weeks when special Summer Library Programs are held at the branch.  These storytimes are held Mondays at 1:00 and Tuesday at 10:30.
  • Storytimes at the other branch library locations will be discontinued during the summer months, but many special programs will also be held at the branches during the summer.

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