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Bird Artwork @ Wausau

2011 Art Cluster: Bird Artwork

March 5, 2011

You won't want to miss the beautiful bird artwork in the Children's area.   The bird paintings and metallic bird sculptures are @ the Wausau location courtesy of the students (and teachers) who participated in the Gifted and Talented Art Cluster, 2010-2011, Wausau School District.

The Fourth Grade students painted their interpretation of a bird using acrylic paint on canvas.  They repeated the bird's color and pattern.  The individual paintings are hung together to form one large bird scene.

The Fifth Grade students were inspired by the artist Helen Ward.  They created a metallic bird sculpture out of paper mache' material and other found objects such as nuts and bolts.

Artwork will be on display in the Children's area @ Wausau through the month of March.  You will be amazed at the creations of these young, talented artists.

Children Arts and Crafts

image credit: Image by Marathon County Public Library staff.