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Black History Month Display

February 7, 2011

The 1860 Census was the last time the federal government took a count of the South's vast slave population.  Several months later the government issued  maps of slavery that drew on Census data, one being Southern States as a whole. These  maps captured the complexity of the institution and struck a chord with a public hungry for information about the "rebellion".     Visit the Wausau HQ library's second floor for a special display, "Visualizing Slavery" based on Opinionator, The New York Times. Also featured is biographical information about Casper Fenhaus, Berlin Township and Wausau resident and veteran of the Grand Old Army who served under General William Tecumseh Sherman. Central Wisconsin has many ties to the Civil War.  Visit this display and the Wisconsin Collection for more Civil War discovery!  Pictured is Dred Scott from the book, The Dred Scott Decision, Cornerstones of Freedom by Brendan January, available in the collection.