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Celebrate Children's Book Week!

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May 2, 2022

Happy Children’s Book Week! While every week (and day) is technically a reason to celebrate the power and importance of children’s books at the library, we at the Marathon County Public Library wanted to share some of our favorite books and bring awareness to the importance of every child becoming a lifelong reader.

How do you raise a reader? Here are five quick and easy tips: 

  1. Read books every day! If your child can’t read, then read together with them and ask questions throughout the book. If your child can read, let them read independently or share a picture book together – kids are never too old to enjoy picture books with an adult
  2. Read books your child enjoys. This could be a topic your child is interested in (I get asked where the dinosaur books are daily!), or revisit favorite titles you've already read.
  3. Make reading a family activity. Turn off your electronics (unless you're reading an e-book, that is!), build a reading corner or grab some blankets to snuggle up on the couch. Reading is a time to be together!
  4. Visit the library often and choose books with your child! 
  5. Send positive messages about reading. Reading should be a good experience for your child and not a chore. Seeing the adults in their life read a book also sends the message that reading is important. 

Below is a list of ten books (new and old) that come highly recommended: 





Others in this interactive series include Touch the Brightest Star, The Hidden Rainbow, and Plant the Tiny Seed

Book Cover: THE BAD SEED


Others in this series include The Good Egg, The Smart Cookie, The Coach Potato, and The Cool Bean.

Part of our job here at MCPL is to help kids and families find books they will love! We always have recommendations and are here to make sure kids and families find the right book. Ask for readnig recommendations or read-a-likes any time at any MCPL location! Together, we can make everyone a lifelong reader!

Children's Book Week is organized annually by Every Child a Reader, an award-winning nonprofit organization that celebrates the powerful impact books have on young people. For more info, visit

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