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Celebrate National Poetry Month

2008 National Poetry Month poster

April 16, 2008

It's April and Spring is finally here and with it National Poetry Month sponsored by the Academy of American Poets.

Poems speak to us in different ways, affecting our heart and soul. I know that I easily become engulfed in a poem, lingering, enjoying the sound and play of the words, drinking in its meaning.

Poems often find a way into our busy lives when mere words are not enough, when we find it difficult to express the depth of our feelings and need something to soothe us, inspire us, give us hope—weddings, funerals, when we fall in love.

Some of my favorite collections of poetry that you may also enjoy are:

Celebrate National Poetry Month and pick up some poetry books from the large collection at the Library.  Read a poem, give one to a friend, or better yet enjoy one together.  Your life and theirs may be forever changed.

National Poetry Month Poetry Reading Recommendations

image credit: Provided by the Academy of American Poets for library publicity.