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Changes to MCPL checkout policy begin Nov. 29

checkout policy changes

November 26, 2021

Beginning Monday, November 29, changes to Marathon County Public Library's (MCPL) checkout policy will officially go into effect. These changes include altered lending periods, checkout limits and the fine limit for a card to be considered in good standing.

These changes are the result of a system-wide vote by libraries within the Wisconsin Valley Library Service (WVLS) system, with the goal of making MCPL's checkout policies more consistent with that of other libraries in the system.

The changes are as follows: 

  • Items with a 28-day checkout period have now been changed to a 21-day checkout period (i.e. non-new books, audiobooks and Playaways.)

  • The magazine checkout period has been changed from 14 days to 7 days. 

  • The artwork checkout limit has been changed from 10 items to 5 items. 

  • Items may be renewed for an additional full checkout period (formerly, renewals were for 7 or 14 days, depending on the item.) 

  • Checkouts, renewals, and hold requests will be blocked if a patron has $5 or more in fines (formerly, this limit was $10.)

For more information on these changes, or for a complete list of our checkout policies, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or visit your local MCPL location. 

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