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Check out these New York Times Best Sellers!

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January 9, 2020

Curious about what your friends and neighbors might be reading? Or which books are trending nationally?

Check out the following books from the New York Times Best Sellers list!

Have you read any of these books already? Let us know what you thought in the "Comments" section below!

Happy reading!

Please note: These are popular items that may not be immediately available. It is likely you will need to use the "Request" option in the Library Catalog (V-Cat) to add yourself to the waiting list. Do not be discouraged by long waiting lists for books; MCPL usually has enough copies in circulation to keep wait times reasonable. 

Also: All of the following books are owned by MCPL in at least one version; however, the Library Catalog (V-Cat) may show versions not owned by MCPL and therefore unavailable for request by MCPL cardholders until their "high demand" or "new" status is removed.

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