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Classic Movies, With Some Modern Context

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February 25, 2021

The pandemic, coupled with winter temps, has made for a lot of inside time at my house, which generally translates into a lot of TV time. If you’ve been experiencing the same thing and are looking for something a bit different to watch, might I suggest watching a classic movie?

In 1998, the American Film Institute (AFI) unveiled their 100 Years…100 Movies list as a national celebration of the cinema centennial, calling it “a definitive selection of the greatest 100 films of all time.” Updated in 2007, this list includes genres ranging from comedy to horror, animated to westerns.

What I love about classic movies is that they are so much more than a good story, but encompass all the many elements that collaborate to tell the story, including the musical score, script, cinematography, camera movement and of course, acting.

I’ve found that because many of these classic movies are … well, old, they don’t always make sense to the contemporary viewer. So for that reason, I’d encourage combining your movie watching with listening to a podcast for further insight and review. Here are a few that I’ve found:

Classic Movie Musts Classic Movie Musts podcast logo/cover art

According to the podcast's website, the goal of Classic Movie Musts “is to provide either new insights into a classic movie, a refresher on an old film friend, or fan the flames of a deep cinematic passion. Maybe even a combination of all three.”

Classic Movie Reviews Classic Movie Reviews podcast logo/cover art

According to the Classic Movie Reviews website, the podcast features "a father and son review classic movies... because there's nothing better than watching a classic movie and then talking about our thoughts and reactions to the film." They go on to say "Sometimes we'll even sound like we know what we're talking about … and after 100+ episodes, we are starting to get the hang of it!”

Front Row Classics Front Row Classics podcast logo/cover art 

According to Front Row Classics, “There are some movies that simply traverse the limits of time. Movies that never age and always speak sublime truths to us all. These are the movies that will last forever. These are the movies we long to discuss. These are the Classics.”

The Cine-Files The Cine-Files podcast logo/cover art

According to the description on the podcast's website, Each week on The Cine-Files we enter the world of great film and explore its ideas, history, filmmakers and the influences it has on movies today.”

Two Geeks and a GIT (Geek-in-Training) Two Geeks and a GIT podcast logo/cover art

According to its website, each week during this podcast "two film geeks and a geek-in-training tackle the great movies from the past!”

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