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Create with Me: Spring Bunny Banner

spring bunny banner craft table

April 21, 2020

Spring is here, and you can give your home some seasonal flair by making a simple banner using standard craft supplies and items found around your home, like cotton balls and paper lunch bags!

Watch our video tutorial below, or follow along with the included written instructions, and you'll have a completed banner in no time!






  • Paper lunch bags (paper grocery bags or scrapbook paper work, too)
  • White pompoms (cotton balls or white circles of paper can be used, too)
  • Green pipe cleaners (or strips of green paper)
  • Orange marker (or an orange crayon, color pencil, or paint)
  • Twine (or yarn or ribbon)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Hole punch
  • Glue (tacky or Elmer’s)


1. Measure the length of the table, entryway, or set of windows that you want to hang the banner from (this will tell you how many characters you’ll want to create)

2. Print and cut out the bunny template and the carrot template.  

3. Place one lunch bag with the front facing you. At the top of the lunch bag, trace either the bunny or the carrot template (the bunny template will make two bunnies per bag while the carrot template will yield four carrots per bag). 

4. Cut out your traced shapes.

5. Color in the carrots using a sharpie marker, crayon, color pencil, or paint (we used an orange marker)

6. Using a standard hole punch, punch holes on either side of the bunny’s neck and near the top of each carrot.

7. Add white tails to the bunnies using tacky glue or Elmer’s glue and pompoms, cotton balls, or circles of white paper.

8. Add green tops to the carrots by cutting green pipe cleaners or strips of paper. Each carrot needs three green pieces – one long and two short. Group the three pieces together (with the longest in the center) and tape them together near the bottom of the grouping. Take the taped clump of pipe cleaners or paper onto the back of the carrot, near the top.

9. Lay out your banner shapes in front of you in the order you want them to hang (we alternated bunny, carrot, bunny, carrot, etc...)

10. Using the measurements of the table, entryway, or set of windows you took at the beginning, cut your twine or string to the desired length. Be sure to add on another foot to each end of your measurements – you’ll need it for when you tie or tape the banner up.

11. Tie a knot at each end of the end of your string or twine.

12. Begin to string your characters. For the bunnies, we threaded our twine from the back of the shape and across the front, so you can see the string go across the bunny's neck. For the carrots, we threaded our twine from the front to the back, so the twine wasn't visible from the front. Leave about 6-8 inches between each shape as you string them onto your banner. 

13. Count how many bunnies you have created and cut a piece of twine or string to create a bow for each one. Each piece of twine or string should measure 5 inches in length.

14. Insert the piece of twine or string behind the threaded twine across the bunny's neck and tie s simple knot. Tighten the knot to keep it in place. 

15. Hang your banner and enjoy!


We'd love to see what you and your family create!. Post pictures of your finished creations on to our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram accounts. Happy creating!

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