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Create with Me: Spring Bunny Craft

Materials needed for Create with Me Bunny Craft

April 2, 2020

Springtime is a time when bunnies and pastels come to mind, and we have the perfect craft that adults and kids alike can make, no matter their artistic skill level. Best of all, this craft is pretty flexible in terms of what you can use for materials, and nearly everything required can be found in your home!

This craft can be done as a collage, crayon drawing, or with spare strings of yarn. Take a look at the step-by-step video we've created for you below, or refer to the included list of instructions. 




This craft will require...

- Printable bunny template
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Paper or cardstock
- Scotch tape
- Scrap pieces of yarn, crayons, or scrapbook paper, or other materials


1. Print out bunny template and cut out of the bunny shape.

2. Lay bunny shape on top of a blank sheet of paper or cardstock and trace around it. Cut the bunny out and discard.

3. Take another piece of paper (what you’ll be creating on) and tape the top and bottom of the paper to the table using scotch tape (it usually comes off easily)

4. Lay the paper with the cut-out bunny image on top of the bottom piece, lining up the corner edges. Lightly trace the bunny shape onto the bottom sheet of paper (this allows you to see how long your creative materials have to be).

5. Use found materials around your home to fill in the traced image with color. You can use pieces of yarn, ribbons, stamps, crayons, colored pencils, magazine scraps, wrapping paper, and more! Create any pattern or design of your choosing, and remember that your materials should fill up the entire traced bunny outline (we began by placing three pieces of yarn at the mid-top, middle, and mid-bottom, then placing three pieces of the next color, repeating so on and so forth). 

6. Lay your hand over the middle of your yarn and hold it down firm, Using your other hand and some tape, make the yarn taught and tape down one side of the yarn. Repeat with the opposite side of yarn (tip: taping down four or five pieces of yarn at a time seems to work best). 

7. Create a hinge by taping the tops of each sheet of paper together on on the inside edge. Flip the cutout bunny paper over your design sheet, and you're done! If you have a photo frame, you can frame your creation, too!


We'd love to see what you and your family create!. Post pictures of your finished creations on to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. Happy creating!

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image credit: MCPL