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Create Your Own Urban Legend: The Mill

October 20, 2014

Earlier this month, teens had an opportunity to create their own urban legends using materials found in the library. This terrifying story was inspired by a picture of the Island Mill in Wausau (c. 1900-1919) from the Marathon County Historical Society, found in the Central Wisconsin Digitization Project.

The Mill
By Damian Wendorf

My best friend, Devon, was talking to me about a story his dad told him. The story concerns three boy who were murdered in the 1960’s. The murder occurred on the Wisconsin River by the old saw mill.  First, the police found a bloody saw blade and a pool of blood on the floor of the mill. In the pool of blood lay a body of a fourteen year old boy, cut in half. The other two boys were found in many pieces around the old saw mill. 
The funerals were closed casket and the crime was never solved. People believed that many years earlier, a young worker died at the mill. He died when his foot got stuck between two large logs. He helplessly fell and was pulled into the saw, meeting a grisly death. This boy was never buried. Folks said that the mill owner tossed his cut up remains into the river. Young boys exploring the old mill told tales of a cut man, still bleeding,  coming out of the water.  He would chase and try to grab them and pull them to their death.  The three boys met such a fate. The parents demanded the mill be torn down . 
Beware if you are walking near the river and see wet footprints.  Run!  He still lurks there…


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