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Director's Report

Ralph Illick, Library Director

July 2, 2020

As we are all well aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we are all conducting our daily activities. Here at MCPL, we are focusing our efforts to seek a balance between ensuring the safety of our staff and the public, and still finding ways to connect our communities with information and ideas. This has been, to say the least, a daunting challenge. Most of us I’m sure have friends, neighbors and loved ones who are very much at risk of serious impact or even death should this virus infect them. I include myself among those at risk, as well as many members of our staff. We also serve a large number of patrons who cannot dismiss the potential for catastrophe should they be exposed to the virus. 

It is for these reasons that we are working extremely hard to mitigate the risks associated with working in a public building, as well as the risks associated with having members of the public visiting our nine facilities. Presently, we are offering curbside and drive-thru access to our collection on a limited basis, and also computer use by appointment. See our website or call your local MCPL for details. We will continue to follow guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and the Marathon County Health Department to provide as much library service as we can without jeopardizing our staff or the public. 

I’ve received inquiries from people who want us to reopen as before, and just let the virus run its course. Please understand that we do not have the staffing capacity to lose even a small percentage of our library team members. We run the risk of having to close facilities if we have confirmed infections that require isolation and tracking. We want to be here for all of you, so please be patient, and help us to help you.

Thank you, and stay safe and healthy!

COVID-19 Director's Report

image credit: Image by Chad Dally, Marathon County Public Library staff.