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DIY @ Home Craft: Bracelet Yarn Weaving

thumbs up with a yarn-woven bracelet

April 7, 2020

If you've got some yarn, straws, scissors and tape laying around the house, you're in luck! That's all you need to make a cool, colorful bracelet of your own design!

step 1 of yarn bracelet weaving craftSupplies:

•  At least 3 straws (can use more than three for wider bracelet)
•  Scissors
•  Masking Tape
•  Yarn



step 2 of yarn bracelet weaving craft1. Tape the ends of three straws together.

step 3 of yarn bracelet weaving craft2. Cut three pieces of yarn, each three times longer than the straws in length (about 22 inches each).

step 4 of yarn bracelet weaving craft3. Thread yarn through each straw. A wooden skewer or knitting needle is helpful to push the yarn through the straws. Knot the ends of the three pieces of yarn together. Leave extra yarn (2-3 inches) after your knot so you will be able to tie the bracelet together at the end.

step 5 of yarn bracelet weaving craft4. Tape straws to the table using masking tape.

step 6 of yarn bracelet weaving craft5. Tie a knot around the topmost straw. Now you can begin weaving!

step 7 of yarn bracelet weaving craft6. Guide your yarn under the middle straw, then over the bottom straw. Then guide yarn under the bottom straw, over middle straw, under top straw. Repeat pattern.

step 8 of yarn bracelet weaving craft7. Push yarn towards taped end every so often to make sure loops are snug.

step 9 of yarn bracelet weaving craft8. Keep repeating the weaving process until you reach the desired length of your bracelet.

step 10 of yarn bracelet weaving craft9. Cut yarn and tie a knot (don’t double knot) around the straw you finished weaving on.

step 11 of yarn bracelet weaving craft10. Remove the tape holding the straws to the table then remove tape holding straws together.

step 12 of yarn bracelet weaving craft11. Carefully slide the woven loops off the straw. Push towards the end of the three pieces of yarn that were tied together before you began weaving.

step 13 of yarn bracelet weaving craft12. Take the end of yarn that you finished weaving with and tie it in a knot around the yarn it was woven around. Double knot to keep in place.

step 14 of yarn bracelet weaving craft13. You should have 4 strings of yarn at the end where you finished weaving. Tie them all together in a knot as close to the end of the bracelet as you can.

step 15 of yarn bracelet weaving craft14. Tie ends together and enjoy your new woven bracelet!

Once you get started with this craft, you get the hang of it pretty quickly. Once you make a bracelet for yourself, you'll be busy making one for someone else, too!

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image credit: MCPL