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DIY @ Home Craft: Make Your Own BB-8!

example of bb-8 craft

May 4, 2020

Do you love BB-8? You know, the round, adventurous droid from the latest trilogy of Star Wars films? Now you can make one at home - and he even rolls, just like the real one!

Just follow the steps below and you'll soon have your own little companion to travel the galaxy with!


•  1 paper plate
•  1 printable template
•  1 paper fastener
•  1 long piece of cardboard
•  Masking tape
•  Crayons, markers or colored pencils
•  Hole punch

craft supplies for BB-8 craft


1. Print out and color your template for the top of your BB-8. Make sure to print out a template that matches the size of the paper plates you have at home. 
step 1 of bb-8 craft

2. Decorate your paper plate however you’d like. This will be the body of your BB-8.
step 2 of bb-8 craft

3. Punch a hole into a square piece of cardboard, and insert a paper fastener to it.
step 3 of bb-8 craft

4. Tape the square piece of cardboard (with the flat side of the fastener pointing down) onto the middle of your paper plate. You want the wings of the fastener to be pointing up out of the cardboard.

step 4 of bb-8 craft

5. Punch a hole into the end of the longer piece of cardboard, and push the fastener through that, opening the wings up to attach the pieces together.

step 5 of bb-8 craft

6. Tape the top of the long cardboard piece to the back of the head to connect the head to the body of your BB-8. You now have a moveable BB-8!

step 6 of bb-8 craft


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image credit: MCPL