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DIY @ Home Craft: Seed Tape

seed tape ready for planting

April 2, 2021

Spring is officially here and I am ready to plant my garden!  However, we live in Wisconsin, where winter tends to stick around for a bit longer. 

To cure my “Spring Fever” and prepare for the gardening season, I like to make seed tape. This is a very easy process.  Plus, seed tape will help you make nice, straight rows in your garden. 

Supplies needed:supplies needed to make seed tape

-Elmer's glue
-Newspaper or toilet tissue


1. If you are using toilet tissue, very gently separate your tissue into single layers (or use single ply tissue.) Then cut the tissue into 2 long strips.  If you are using newspaper, cut thin strips about 1 inch wide. separating toilet tisue cutting strips of newspaper

2. Choose your seeds, and look on the back of the package for the recommended seed spacing. This is the how far apart the seeds will be placed on the tissue or newspaper. I chose carrots, and the carrot packet reads 1-inch spacing for carrots. back side of a package of carrot seeds

3. Lay the tissue or newspaper strips flat on a counter or table. Place a tiny dot of glue near the end of the strip. Continue placing tiny dots of glue down the entire length of the paper strip. Make sure you are spacing the dots as specified on the seed packet. Place one seed on each of the dots of glue. Now cover the seeds with another strip of tissue/paper, or just fold the paper strip in half the long way. dotting seeds and glue on toilet paper folded toilet paper

4. Let the glue dry, and you have seed tape! Roll the seed tape up and keep it in a dry container until you are ready to plant. seed tape ready for planting

5. When it is time to plant, prepare your soil and lay the seed tape on the soil. Then bury the seed tape the proper amount (see the back of the seed packet). Water thoroughly, then watch your garden grow!

I hope you find this to be an enjoyable garden craft. Below, you'll also find a couple of my favorite gardening books that are available to borrow from MCPL. 

Happy spring, and happy gardening!



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image credit: MCPL