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Erin Go Bragh (Ireland Forever)

March 17, 2009

The top of the day to you!

Looking for some good stories and information on Ireland? If you are planning a trip, are interested in Irish history, or just want to kick your heels up, here are some of my favorites.

Edward Rutherfurd has been described as the history teacher that you wished you would have had in high school. His books are wonderful epics that take you from the fascinating ancient history of Ireland forward. Also check out Rutherfurd's other historical novels, three on England ("London", "The Forest", and "Sarum") and "Russka: the Novel of Russia".

My favorite Ireland Travel Guides:

And how about some traditional Irish music to brighten your life? Try The Chieftains and The Clancy Brothers. They will be sure to delight you. Most likely you will find yourself clicking up your heels, doing an Irish jig , and singing along.

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