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Explore the Great Lakes from the comfort of home!

Google Earth-type view of the Great Lakes

April 19, 2020

Living in Wisconsin, you're probably very familiar with the Great Lakes (or at least with Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, which border our state!). And, if you recognized H.O.M.E.S. as an acronym for the Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior), you are one step ahead! 

Now, you can explore the Great Lakes and learn more about their ecosystems, the creatures that live in them, and about the animals that live around them with a series of online webinars and videos curated by the Sea Grant Michigan. By watching this content and engaging in some interactive livestreams, students can beocme Great Lakes Junior Scientists and even earn a certificate that will be sent to them in the mail (along with being inducted into the Great Lakes Hall of Science Heroes!).

Check out all the amazingly cool videos and other digital content about the life and health of our Great Lakes, covering everything from reptiles and birds to painting and exploring (safely), including their Greatest Hits Videos from YouTube, free movies and plenty of learning fun for your student scientist! Be sure to check out this Thursday’s video lessons on ways that you can explore and learn about the Great Lakes. The best part? You get to be outside safely!

To get started, visit the Michigan Sea Grant educational page here.

Have a great water-filled learning day!

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image credit: Pixabay - free image