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Find Job Postings Faster on the Internet Using Aggregators!

October 28, 2009

Finding out what job openings are available can be a frustrating experience. Many openings never end up in the local newspaper Classifieds. Likewise searching the Internet for job listings can be time-consuming. Now, there's a handy new type of website that will quickly produce comprehensive listings of openings... Job Aggregators!

What is an Aggregator site? It is a website that  is narrowly focused on one subject. In this case, it is job listings. Job Aggregator sites collect job postings from other websites such as,,, employer websites!

Since Aggregator sites combine information from many, many sources into one database, they save you time. Search results can also be rearranged to meet your own needs. For example, searches can be sorted by employer, posting date, part-time/full-time jobs, etc. 

The top five Job Aggregator websites are:

So, check out Aggregators...They may be just what you need to land the job you are looking for!