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The Fine Art of Envelope Decorating

decorated envelope

June 4, 2022

I previously wrote about the advantages of handwriting letters and as a follow up, I wanted to talk about decorating letters and envelopes. It’s easy to do, can be a lot of fun and makes the final product a little more unique. You can start off simple, soaking the paper in coffee, tea or food coloring to ‘age’ the paper and to add a light scent.

Making your own envelope is fairly easy as well, which you can do using patterned or colored paper.

1. Start with a square piece of paper. I found it helpful to fold it corner to corner so I could see where the center was.

2. Take one corner and fold it to the center, fold the opposite corner so they meet in the middle.

3. Fold the bottom corner up so it overlaps the other flaps.

4. Glue along the edges carefully so you don’t glue your envelope shut.

5. Fold the top flap down.

6. If you want to add a liner, just trace the envelope shape onto whatever paper you want to line it with, and trim it smaller. You can then glue it in, sliding it right into the envelope.


Stamps can also be fun and easy, or adding stickers. Just make sure the address is clearly legible and remember this will still be sent through the mail system, so don’t add anything bulky or that will hang off.

One of the letters I wrote was a creative writing exercise, where I wrote as the character. It was a fun way to write a letter without the pressure of havnig to share life events or personal feelings.

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image credit: MCPL