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HUNTING @ your library

November 13, 2007

It may be to late for you to hunt for a wild turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner, but you still have your opportunity to bag a "thirty-pointer". The time is upon us for hunters to be sitting in their stands waiting for white-tailed deer. Why not pass the time by reading up on hunting a little more? Stock up on some good books before you head to your deer camp.                                           

  Marathon County Public Library has a hunting display on the second floor of the library if you just have time to grab and run. You can search our online catalog and request a book, so it will be ready for you when you are ready to head out. 

   Perhaps you need information on hunting dates, possible hunting locations, or wonder where you can get a hunting license. You can always call our reference desk at 715-261-7230, and we can help you out. Or we have also these handy online links that may answer your questions:

Where can I find Wisconsin hunting dates?

     Hunting for the year 2007.

     Hunting for the year 2008.

Where can I find public land for hunting in Wisconsin?

    Click here for a map. 

  *Please note, that you need to select the region of Wisconsin you are interested in. Then once you get to the map of that region, there are little black squares on different locations. For more information on the individual location, please click on the black square.

  Or you can contact the DNR:

   Phone Bilingual Services: English, Spanish, Hmong 1-888-936-7463

   Or chat online.