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It was a party!

No Shh-ing

April 16, 2007

The library rocked yesterday as we celebrated our 100th birthday. There was definitely no shussing as almost 2800 people came to dance to Andy Z and the Spankin Monkees, be serenaded by the Golden Glow Quartet Barbershoppers, listen to the storytellers, eat cake, ride the trolley, and have a good time. It was fun watching parents dancing with their children and elderly couples dancing together. It was inspiring to hear comments like "I never thought you could do 'that' in a library. This is fun." The 'that' usually referred to the band that had the second floor rocking. Customers of all ages had fun, and staff had a good time. Lots of us are saying we shouldn't wait another 100 years for the next party. We might not be around that long, and we wouldn't want to miss the fun.


image credit: Image by Marathon County Public Library staff.