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It's National Friends of Libraries Week!

Friends of MCPL in Book Sale Room

October 17, 2022

The week of Oct. 16-22, 2022 is marked by the American Library Association as “National Friends of Libraries Week,” and our staff would like to express our gratitude to our own Friends of Marathon County Public Library group for all the work they do!

You might know our Friends from their monthly book sales for members, or quarterly sales for the general public. That work alone is a big undertaking, as they spend hours each week sifting through stacks and stacks of donations and items removed from our library collection. All of those items are then reorganized by type and genres on the shelves in the Friends' sale room at MCPL Wausau. It’s a tall order, made taller by the fact that they also volunteer during the sales, taking money and helping patrons in other ways. We really do have a fantastic group of Friends who make all that happen, and they’re always looking for new volunteers! (More on that in a minute.)

Funds raised during those sales are then donated back to MCPL each year to pay for all of MCPL’s programming across all our locations! The Friends’ generosity means we’ve been able to offer thousands of programs over the years attended by tens of thousands of people! For example, in the last full year of events prior to the pandemic (2019), Friends funding allowed us to offer more than 1,700 programs with a total attendance just a bit over 38,000 people – maybe you were one of them!

Even in 2021, when MCPL reopened for full public usebut refrained from offering in-house, in-person events, we still provided grab and go kits for children and adults that were distributed to thousands of people. We have the Friends to thank for that too, so the next time you see a Friends volunteer – whether it’s during National Friends of Library Week or anytime – let them know you appreciate their help making all our programming and the book sales possible!

As you can see, the Friends of MCPL are a dedicated group that does so much for the library and our community as a whole! With all they do, they can always use more volunteer hands! If you enjoy sorting through a variety of materials, organizing them accordingly and being around a fun group of people, please consider joining the Friends of MCPL as an active volunteer. If so, let us know through our contact page! It’s kind of like working in a book store, but your volunteer efforts also make a huge difference for the library and community! Even if you aren’t interested in volunteering with the group, you can still support the work they do financially by becoming a member of the group!

While this National Friends of Libraries Week gives us an extra reason to celebrate our Friends of MCPL, they really deserve our appreciation and recognition year-round. Thank you, Friends!

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image credit: MCPL