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Library Area Re-Designed

March 19, 2010

    Come in and see what paint and some original ideas by our in-house "designer", a.k.a. Kitty, have accomplished.  Enter the Wausau Library on the first floor, keep on walking past the check-out desk, past the computer lab, round the corner, and you're here.

Artwork documenting the history of the library is on the burgundy painted square in this photo.  To the left, in the white  "gutters", is artwork waiting for you to check-out.  Yes, you can check out artwork just like a DVD, CD, or book, and enjoy at home.

We're proud of this wonderful “new” area.  Please come and see, relax and enjoy the space, check out some artwork, glance at historical photos, or just get some ideas for how you can re-do a room in your house at home.  We're waiting for you!