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Library will not host Children's Museum due to structural limitations

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July 17, 2016

With great disappointment, today I announce that the Marathon County Public Library will no longer seek to host the Children’s Museum of Marathon County (CMMC) on its third floor. The final report on the weight capacity for the third floor has been completed by FEH Design, and their conclusions for required revisions are too costly to support having a museum occupy that space. This is most unfortunate, as the partnership between the library and CMMC was full of great potential for providing hands on STEM focused and educational experiences throughout our county.

Although we will no longer be co-located, we share the desire to bring a new level of interactive and fun learning to our community. The CMMC will do that, and we’ll continue to work with them on cooperative ways for our organizations to bring the STEM focus to Marathon County’s youth. taking STEM activities out into our communities. We do still applaud the efforts of the Children’s Museum of Marathon County, and we look forward to a productive partnership with them in the future. The CMMC Board of Directors remains optimistic that they will secure a location and remain committed to opening the sought-after children’s museum to serve our community.  Please join me in giving them your support and encouragement as they continue their quest to bring a world-class children’s museum to Marathon County.

For more information, visit the Children’s Museum of Marathon County at

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