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Love 'Dog Man'? Check out these graphic novels!

Dog Man cover

April 30, 2020

One of the most popular questions at the Youth Services reference desk is, “where are the Dog Man books?!” These graphic novels are wildly popular with kids and tweens due to their quick-witted humor, fast-paced plots, hilarious illustrations and pun-ny titles. Kids devour these books - sometimes in one sitting! If your young one has already read all of the titles in the Dog Man series and are wanting more, listed below are some other graphic novels that Dog Man lovers will gobble up!



Mango and Brash are two alligator investigators known as the InvestiGATORS. They solve crime wearing V.E.S.T.s (Very Exciting Spy Technology) and be found diving into toilets to get into the city’s sewer systems. When Gustavo Mustachio, a world-famous cupcake maker, goes missing, the InvestiGATORS are on the case. Full of slapstick humor, gags, and bad puns, this is the first graphic novel in a series with the second book (InvestiGATORS Take the Plunge) coming out in September 2020.

Book Cover: DREW AND JOT


Superhero Drew and his sidekick Jot come alive in fifth grader Andrew’s sketchbook. While Andrew’s life unfurls in the real world, Drew and Jot fight Doctor Danger and his evil monsters. One day, Andrew’s little sister takes his sketchbook and changes Drew and Jot’s world forever! This stand-alone graphic novel will have kids imagining their own superhero and may inspire them to start doodling.



In this graphic novel series, with the next installment coming out in August 2020, cats Pom Pom, Blanket, Waffles, and Major Meowser, blast off to the moon. Earth is experiencing a power shortage and the President asks the “World’s Best Scientist” who can save solve this problem. The answer is the CatStronauts! Kids will be laughing out loud at this sci-fi adventure featuring tuna-loving felines as they build a solar power plant on the moon.

Book Cover: SPARKS!


August and Charlie are two cats who disguise themselves in a robotic dog suit dubbed “Sparks” as they save their city from misfortune. Their biggest challenge comes when Princess, an evil infant bent on world domination, wants to use Sparks as the leader of her animal-mind-controlled army. The story is narrated by a walking, talking, litter box. This book is currently a stand-alone graphic novel.

Book Cover: CATWAD


Catwad is a blue tabby who is very crabby. Catwad and his best friend Blurmp, a dimwitted cat who can find the positive in anything, take on adventures that include pizza, computers, and even popsicles stuck in ears. This graphic novel series has three books, with the third book just released in April 2020.

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