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Love in Six Words Contest Entries

February 14, 2018

Today is Valentine's Day, and love is in the air! 

Over the past few weeks, we've been asking adults at our nine library locations and online to tell us what love means to them in six words or less. Folks were limited to a total of three entries per person and could write about any kind of love - love for a friend or family member, significant other, pet, hobby, song, food, inanimate object, etc. We received 16 entries in total, and originally planned on picking our favorites but...we couldn't! We liked all of your entries so much that you're all winners in our book. Read the submitted entries below and put a little love in your heart!


Attentive devoted loving care given faithfully! – Naomi Hardman

​Last letter, soft from many folds – Laura Lawler

Daily waiting, watching from the window – Laura Lawler

Holding hands on cold nights spooning – Susan Twiggs

Tiny hands, tender heart, toothless grin – Susan Twiggs

Wrinkled hands, weathered smile, warm heart – Susan Twiggs

Puppy delivers chewed slipper with love – Linda Aschbrenner

Love uplifts, cheer, reassures, comforts, endures. – Linda Aschbrenner

Baby shares smile in her dreams – Linda Aschbrenner

He starts, warms car for her. – Kris Rued-Clark

She makes special dinner for him. – Kris Rued-Clark

Dad did housework. Didn’t expect thanks. – Kris Rued-Clark

Easy to receive, fulfilling to give – Alena Liew

Purposeful, unconditional affection whatever the circumstances – Alena Liew

No falling involved, just a choice – Alena Liew

My love, your love, our love – Jan (last name withheld)

Companionship, commitment, connection, consideration, communication, cooperation - Vlasta Karol Blaha

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