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The Magic of Bruce Hetzler at Summer Kickoff Program


June 18, 2007

Summer Library program events are happening all over Marathon County!  Tuesday, June 19 is kick off day for programs at the Wausau Headquarters.  Who better to help us kick off the "Get a Clue!" theme than one of those masters of mystery--a magician!  Bruce Hetzler comes from Appleton, WI--Houdini's hometown.  His perfomance ingeniously combines magic tricks with the library and the summer mystery theme to astound and entertain audience members of all ages.

Bruce's perfomances will be held Tuesday, June 19 at 10:30, 2:00 and 6:30 at the Wausau Headquarters library.  Come and join the fun!

Still thinking about a good mystery to read for the reading club?  How about the Chet Gecko novels by Bruce Hale?  Chet is always on the case of some crime at the Emerson Hicky Elementary School, and his sidekick, Natalie Attired, is always ready with a joke or play on words.

My favorite joke from the Chet Gecko books--"What do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you?" 
For the answer, read The Possum Always Rings Twice, by Bruce Hale.


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