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Make a monkey hat!

monkey hat

August 24, 2018

This summer, several MCPL locations offered a Summer Craft Day, where kids and families could make a variety of crafts based on popular children’s songs to coincide with our Summer Library Program theme of “Libraries Rock!” 

If you and your family missed this craft day, you can still make one of the crafts using a few things found around your home! Provided below are the instructions for making your very own monkey hat, in celebration of the song “Five Little Monkeys.” 


  •  2 pieces of brown construction paper 
  • 1 piece of tan construction paper
  • 2 googly eyes
  • glue 
  • stapler
  • black marker

Cut one of the brown pieces of construction paper in half. Place the two pieces side-by-side and staple them together to form one long piece. Have an adult help you measure the band around your head so it fits comfortably. Staple the two ends together to form a headband. 

Cut out an oval shape from the tan construction paper and two medium-sized circles from the second piece of brown paper. Draw a smile on the tan piece to make a smile. Staple the brown circles on each side of the headband to make ears and glue the googly eyes and smile on to the front of the headband. 

Once dry, put on your monkey hat and rock out! 

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image credit: Image by Taylor Weinfurter, Marathon County Public Library staff.