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Make your own pipe cleaner pet!

pipe cleaner pets

February 28, 2017

Kids visited our Wausau Headquarters recently to celebrate a day off of school with some pet-themed activities and crafts. One of the crafts involved making “pipe cleaner pets” using just a few simple items. Folks who missed that event can still make a pet of their own by following the directions below!


Scissors, pipe cleaners, pencil, tape.


  1. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the pen or pencil to form a spiral. Leave a straight, unwrapped section at each end of the pipe cleaner to act as the neck and the tail. Slide the pencil out and set it aside.
  2. Using a scissors, cut out one of the pet faces seen here. Tape it on the “neck” end of the pipe cleaner.
  3. Using another pipe cleaner, cut two pieces that are each 3-4 inches long to be used for the pet’s legs. 
  4. Slide one of the pipe cleaner pieces through the spirals near the pet’s neck and bend each side down to form the pet’s legs. Repeat this step with the second pipe cleaner piece toward the tail end of the pet to form its back legs.

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