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Movie Nights (& Days) @ MCPL!

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November 17, 2010

Movies have captivated us since the 1894 presentation of Dickson Greeting using Edison’s modern Kinetoscope! Movies entertain, evoke tears of laughter and sorrow, shock and disgust us. Scrolling forward, high-tech theatre seats now pitch, shake and roll viewers for high resolution action thrillers such as Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

Movie venues have also changed. Where we once queued-up to buy tickets for mass viewing in drafty theatres, technology now enables the privacy to enjoy your favorite flicks via video rental, cable, satellite, Netflix, YouTube and iPod. To this list of viewing venues you may now add… your public library!

Through the recent purchase of a movie license, the Marathon County Public Library is now able to show films — free of charge — on a regular basis! While we do not wish to compete with local theatres, we do hope to supplement our customers’ options with recently-released-on-DVD popular films, documentaries, and foreign and independent films. Unless otherwise noted, all movies will be rated G, PG, or PG-13.

The license allows us to reveal titles only in the library itself (or directly via phone, email, or mail), so you will see descriptors instead on our website and other marketing outlets. We will sometimes ask you to vote on your favorite from choices placed on our webpage at

We hope to receive suggestions from customers to make this new service a popular one. Call 261.7200 or contact us for more information.

Upcoming Movies:

To browse the Library's DVD collection, visit
(from the MCPL Newsletter, Autumn 2010)

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