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New Return and Sorter @ Wausau

self-checkout machine

June 17, 2011

Returning your books @ the Wausau Headquarters location just became easier, more efficient, and lots more fun.  Instead of dropping them into a return bin, you can use the new 3M Intelligent Return and Sorter system,  or self-check-in machine and sorter.  

What is the advantage of using this machine to you?   You can print a receipt and immediately see that your library materials are checked in and off your library card.   Because library materials are checked in more quickly and sorted into shelving areas, books can be shelved faster and your reserves can get filled more quickly. 

Come in and see this new technology.  We will be happy to assist you and show you the new return/sorter in action.  We look forward to your next visit!

Want to see it in action now?  Watch this video.


image credit: Photo by Marathon County Public Library staff.