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Nintendo Wii @ the Library!

Nintendo Wii

November 3, 2012

Nintendo Wii is now available for students 8-12 years old in the Tween Scene at the Wausau Library!  The new gaming system offers tweens a new way to learn and experience gaming.  

"Why do libraries celebrate gaming? Library gaming programs encourage interaction between patrons of all ages and cultures. As games have evolved over the years to become more dynamic – requiring more interaction and socialization amongst players – so have libraries, by re-energizing themselves as community learning centers. Libraries still provide traditional services, but continue to change by offering new formats like video games and programs like family gaming nights...." states the American Library Association at

So, you're ready to play the Wii--it's easy!

  • Tweens must give their library card to staff at the children's desk. 
  • Staff will provide tweens with the equipment needed to play.
  • Play is limited to 1/2 hour sessions.
  • Tweens return the Wii equipment to the children's desk when they are finished.

Stop by the Tween Scene at the Wausau Library to play and learn on the Nintendo Wii.

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