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NLW Staff Profile: Sarah M.

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April 29, 2016

Marathon County Public Library is extending its observance of National Library Week (April 10-16) throughout the month of April by highlighting its employees through a series of staff profiles! Now through April 30, learn a little bit about the personnel at our nine MCPL locations, and feel free to give them a friendly "hello" next time you see them!

Name: Sarah M.
Job title: Library Coordinator
MCPL Location: Mosinee Branch
Time Worked at MCPL: 3 years

What are some of your main job responsibilities?
I just became the library coordinator at the Mosinee Branch. Previously, I worked the circulation desk at both the Rothschild and Marathon City Branches and I also lead the Rothschild book club.

What book transformed you, your way of thinking or of viewing the world? How did it change you?
The Harry Potter series was what first really encouraged my love of reading. Not only did I fall in love with the magical world and characters J.K. Rowling created, but I loved the setting. It sparked my desire to travel and my love for the U.K. I still am always drawn to books with a setting anywhere other than the United States, especially England in particular. It inspired me to major in International Studies in college and study abroad in England, which I now think of as my true home. Eventually, my love of reading and travel led to the Marathon County Public Library, where I’m surrounded daily by books.

What is your ideal vacation? Where would you go and what would you do there?
After studying abroad in London and traveling to six other countries during my semester abroad in college, the first place I would go is back to London and then Wales to get my ‘fix of home’ before venturing on to the countries I ran out of time to see, such as Scotland and Iceland, to soak in the wonderful sights and culture they offer. I would also love to venture to Naples, Italy (among other cities) to meet the relatives I’ve never gotten a chance to meet yet. A return to Venice would definitely be on my list as well.

What motto or philosophy do you live by?
When both my grandmother and I were going through some difficult health problems at the same time, she always reminded me that everything happens for a reason, and that, in truth, it could always be worse. She taught me to look for the silver lining and be thankful for what I found.

What’s one food item you absolutely cannot resist?
Chocolate is tied neck-and-neck with ice cream, both of which I no longer can have unless I buy dairy and soy-free versions. One drawback of living abroad was that I suddenly developed food allergies while overseas, so I now always have a stack of cookbooks checked out.

How do you think MCPL will continue to transform in the future?
MCPL staff are all extremely dedicated to serving our community, so we are always researching ways to continue to do so in the best way possible. I believe we will always be offering programs that evolve with the future and what the community is interested in at the time.

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image credit: Image by Marathon County Public Library staff.