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One World, Many Stories

boy and girl reading a book

June 2, 2011

Stories, stories, stories;  what would we be like without them?   What would the world be like without them?   One World, Many Stories is the theme for the 2011 Summer Library Program!

Stories from all cultures and all parts of the world help us make sense of the world, enable us to understand and relate better to each other,  try on different occupations, experience different situations.  Few of us will ever get a chance in our lifetime to travel around the world and immerse ourselves in all cultures.  But all of us can travel through the pages of books, glimpse another’s world,  imagine another universe, and escape ours for a while.

As well as improving their reading skills, children of all ages learn important social lessons from reading stories.  They learn about sharing, trusting, friendship, loving, how to treat one another.  They discover that there are others outside their immediate world that may not look or act like them.  Children get the opportunity to see a much wider universe and experience it for a short while.  They can let their imaginations soar as high and as wide as they wish.

The Library has millions of stories for young and old alike.  All ages are welcome to get a library card, check-out books,  participate in the Library’s Summer Reading Club and attend programs and activities.  The Summer Library Program begins June 5 and continues through August 20.  Check out what is happening this summer @ your library  Please join us for a world of fun, imagination and discovery!   

Children Summer Library Program

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