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A Salute to Our Friends!

April 14, 2009

Today (April 14) is National Library Workers Day, but instead of patting myself on the back, I would like to thank those other library workers—the Friends of the Library.

Several times a year, the Friends hold a book sale at the library. There is a lot of preparation required for these sales; in fact, it is an ongoing, year-long project for some of our very dedicated Friends members. Many of the books that are included in the sale are items that are donated to the library. Books that have been removed from the library’s circulating collection are also available for sale. All of these books need to be sorted and displayed on tables in the book sale room on the library’s third floor. On book sale days, Friends man the cash boxes and assist people in getting their new-found treasures to their cars.

All of this work is done for the benefit of the library. The money that is raised from the book sales is used to fund special projects that go beyond the limits of the library’s budget. 

In fact, the Summer Library Program would not happen every year without the Friends. Most of the summer performers that present programs at library locations across Marathon County are funded by the Friends, as are craft materials, decorations, and many of the prizes for the Summer Reading Club.

Other Friends projects for this year include this week’s program featuring dogsled musher Karen Land, Older Americans Day events, programs in the works for teens and adults, and additional funding to supplement our collection budget.

You can support the efforts of the Friends by attending a book sale (the next one will be held April 24-26), buying a Summer Library Program T-Shirt, or becoming a member of the Friends.

Thank you, Friends!

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