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Sharing Fun Memories with an Old Friend!

June 21, 2010

Carol Burnett was a welcome visitor to American households for decades. First appearing on The Garry Moore Show, she made us laugh with her limber body and rubbery face not to mention a fine singing voice. Yet what impressed most was her innate sweetness and naturalness. What you saw what was you got: a talented singer-comedienne who didn't take herself seriously, someone who was so glad we had those times together. That impression was only reinforced when she hosted her own variety show - The Carol Burnett Show - which many rate as the finest, funniest variety show ever. Burnett shares some of the most meaningful - and usually hilarious - moments in her long career in her  appealing and entertaining biography, This Time Together: Laugher & Reflection.

In short chapters Burnett takes the reader through her life and the many people she met along the way. She recalls friends and colleagues with obvious delight and affection. She gives unstinting credit to so many people who helped her personally or professionally. And there's scarcely an unkind word or trace of self-pity in sight.

Some of Burnett's most revealing and funny stories are the ones she tells on herself. For instance, the first time she met Cary Grant, her childhood idol, she was so in awe of him she tried to bolt from the party! Turns out he was a big fan of hers! Once, on an airplane, the in-flight movie was 'The Front Page,' one of Burnett's lesser performances. After the film was done, Burnett asked the stewardess for the P.A. and apologized to the other passengers for her bad acting! The laughs come quick and easy in this book.

This Time Together is a perfect summer reading selection. You can read the book straight through or pick a chapter at random and jump in. So, if you want to share some memorable moments with a classy, funny lady, pick up a copy. You won't regret it!  

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