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SMART board

August 15, 2013

Parents and kids!
Become SMARTer about the SMART board and learn about all the many ways you can learn on it!
A SMART board is available in the children’s activity room @ MCPL headquarters.
The SMART board combines the simplicity of a white board with the power of a computer (

Kids naturally gravitate to the ease of the touch screen. Children’s excitement in ‘operating’ the SMART board boosts their self-esteem and builds confidence in science and technology and aids them to work independently at a later time (Teaching Science magazine, June ‘08).

Are you interested in learning what else you can do besides “draw and doodle” on the interactive white board? The children’s dept. staff is happy to offer impromptu tutorials on the wonders of the SMART board. You can stop by to get a quick overview or schedule a session with our friendly children’s dept. staff.

Not only can you draw but there are also fun and educational activities and games that you can play. These are offered through the SMART exchange website. Teachers and other educators have designed and shared their educational activities through the SMART exchange website (
Staff members searched through these resources and made it easy for you to access some of these age-appropriate games and teacher recommended activities suitable for kids of all ages. 
Stop by the MCPL Wausau children’s desk to learn about the wonders of the SMART board!

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