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Speak Like a Pirate & More


May 13, 2011

Ahoy mateys.  Well blow me down!  If ye landlubbers and me harties are wantin’ to talk pirate, here’s yer chance.   Mango Languages is offering a free Pirate Language Course.  So ye can have some swashbucklin’ good fun and start learning from the Lirbary's Online Resorces page here.

After you are proficient in pirate,  you may want to try some Spanish, Arabic, German, Greek, Russian or any one of the  29 foreign language courses for English Speakers.    Mango Language courses are available to you for free year-round through the Library’s subscription to Mango Languages.
Use your library card to login each time,  or create your own user login and password to help track your learning progress.   Use it today!  From the library’s webpage, select Reseach/Online Resources and select Mango Languages,  or access the Mango Languages Library subscription here

Arrr me hearty!  A fine gentleman o' fortune be ye!

Language Learning Children

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