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Special Exhibit - Religions of America

American Religions book cover

November 17, 2011

Religious practices have been important since humans first pondered the mysteries of the cosmos. The unique architecture of American cathedrals, chapels, synagogues and  mosques now  represent many faiths.  Changing seasons bring a host of religious celebrations with beautiful artwork,  music, tasty food and artifacts.  

As a community center providing access to ideas, the library shall present a series of lobby displays about the major religions practiced in America.   A special  exhibit to instruct about Islam was assembled by international students from the Northcentral Technical College.  We will  follow up with  displays on Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and other traditions.  The library neither endorses nor promotes any of these. In keeping with our mission, our intent is to broaden our knowledge of one other - as collective members of one community.  If you wish to learn more about religious practices we have hundreds of relevant items in our collection!

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