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Spring Break Craft: DIY Flute for Kids!

diy flute for kids

March 23, 2020

Today was supposed to be the start of Spring Break at the Marathon County Public Library, with a variety of activities and craft events offered throughout the week. While that week has now been canceled due to MCPL's temporary closure, we're still going to post some of the crafts we DID have planned so that parents and kids can do them together at home!

Today's craft comes from an event we originally had scheduled for March 23 at MCPL Wausau, where kids could make their own homemade flutes. This craft requires simple supplies found in most homes and can be adapted as needed. Just follow the steps below and your family will be making music in no time!

1. Gather five bubble straws (long straws that are bigger in diameter, usually used for thick smoothies or bubble tea). If you don't have bubble straws, you can use regular ones.

2. Measure straws and cut them into varying lengths: 6 inches, 5.5 inches, 5 inches, 4 inches and 3.5 inches.

3. Cut two sheets of heavy cardstock to a shape of 7 inches x 1.5 inches. If you don't have cardstock on hand, you can use construction paper. 

4. Using markers, decorate one side of each piece of cardstock with designs, such as music notes.

5. Place long strips of double-sided tape on the back, non-decorated side of each piece of cardstock. 

6. Place the longest straw (6 inch) on the tape first, near the left edge. One end of the straw should hang about 3/4 inch over the bottom side.

7. On the opposite end of the strip of cardstock, place the shortest straw (3.5 inch) on the right hand side of the tape, with the same amount (about 3/4 inch) hanging over the edge.  

8. Place the 5-inch straw right in the middle of the strip of cardstock, with about 3/4 inch of the straw hanging over the edge of the bottom. 

9. Place the remaining two straws onto the tape, in ascending order with the rest of the straws. Number the straws 1-5, with 1 being the longest straw and 5 being the shortest. 

10. Start making music with your straw, and write music by keeping track of which number to blow on and in what sequence!


image credit: MCPL