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Start and Keep Children Reading

June 27, 2012

  • Start reading to your child early; read board and picture books to your baby, repeat nursery rhymes, and sing and talk to them often.
  • Set aside some special time daily to read to your child separately and together with your family.
  • Ask your child questions about books that they are reading; read the same book and discuss it with them.
  • Get them hooked on books in a series; there are lots of good series books,  like the Magic Tree House series, that will keep them interested and reading for a long time (48th book to be released this July)
  • Discover what type of books they like and help them find similar books and authors.
  • Find books and magazine articles about anything that your child is interested in—even reluctant readers or children who struggle with reading will want to read about their favorite sports star, movie character or activity.
  • A love of reading and learning is contagious.  When children see you reading and visiting your library often they will want to also.
  • Give children free rein with their reading choices; allow them to read widely and freely.
  • Place books in a special place in your home; buy books for children as a part of their holiday and birthday gifts and encourage relatives and friends to do the same.
  • Make reading a fun activity; encourage your children to select books at their reading level and interest.
  • Encourage your children to participate in fun reading clubs, like the Summer Library Program @your library.  

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