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The State of Wisconsin Digital Collection

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June 9, 2007

If you haven't yet discovered the State of Wisconsin's Digital Collection  you are in for a huge treat.  And if you glanced at this resource a while back, please re-visit it.  It is well worth your time.

The State of Wisconsin Digital Collection includes about 29 collections of materials in a variety of formats relating to the history and development of the State of Wisconsin. Books, manuscripts, photographs, sound recordings, letters, maps, and other materials were put in a digital form so that they could be easily shared.  It is a part of the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections.

Of particular interest to those of us who live in Marathon and Lincoln Counties is the Libraries and Schools in Marathon and Lincoln Counties Collection. View over 400 images of some of the one room school houses in the area, and historical photos, postcards, and other documents relating to the history of libraries and bookmobiles in Marathon and Lincoln County.  Look at this collection and reflect on the days of yore. You may recognize a relative or someone else that you know on one of these old photos.                

Immerse yourself in the "Wisconsin Goes to War: Our Civil War Experience Collection", which includes letters, diaries, poems, and other documents of Wisconsin citizens and soldiers during the Civil War in which 12,000 Wisconsin men lost their lives. Or view the "Wisconsin Pioneer Experience" collection which includes diaries, letters. remininiscences, speeches, and writings of people who helped build wiscons

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