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A Summer Full of Library Events

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May 21, 2019

Space may be “the final frontier,” but staff at the Marathon County Public Library are preparing to share a universe of events throughout the 2019 summer (or at least a really small part of the universe)!

Although libraries across the country organize programming throughout the entire year, many of them (including MCPL) put a little extra effort into their summer programs.

  • The kids are out of school . . .
  • The days are longer . . .
  • Libraries have air conditioning, so many people visit us as a relaxing way to beat the summer heat.

Each year, the Collaborative Summer Library Program — a grassroots group made up of a consortium of states — chooses a theme and provide resources to libraries across the country on that theme which, in 2019, is: “A Universe of Stories.” At MCPL, that gives us a guide around which to organize our own programming.

So what does “A Universe of Stories” mean to us?

One obvious answer is that libraries contain MILLIONS of stories on their shelves — including fiction and non-fiction about the universe itself!

And with no school (or vacations at the cabin or beach to give book lovers more time to read), we’re encouraging readers of all ages to sign up for our reading program and share reviews of books they loved or hated. We’ll share the reviews with other patrons at the libraries and possibly online as well.

When it comes to programming, the theme also prompted us to organize events with a space theme. For example, you’ll find events such as:

For us at MCPL, however, a universe of events is not limited to those that are space-themed. (That could be fun, but it also might get a bit stale after a while.) Instead, it means a wide variety of programs all summer long.

That means we’ll continue our regular story time sessions and book clubs throughout the summer, but also we’ll host programs on understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia and craft programs for young people like crocheting your own hacky sack and etching art onto compact discs.

(Maybe on the way to these programs, parents can bore their — er, I mean — connect with their kids over stories of hacky-sacking while listening to CDs of the Dave Matthews Band or Blues Traveler!)

Also, we’ll be hosting another round of the very popular Harry Potter-themed escape room, and inviting teens and adults to explore and write about the stories of their own lives.

You can see a full list of events going on throughout the summer at MCPL’s website.

You can also view or download a summer library program brochure as well, or pick up a paper copy at any MCPL location.

So, put on your shorts and sandals and come out and visit us at the Marathon County Public Library location near you!

Or, TAKE A SUMMER ROAD TRIP to a different library location in Marathon County. You can find us in:

Then find a place to stop in for a lemonade or an ice-cream treat in that city and make a day of “beating the heat.”

It’s a BIG UNIVERSE out there . . .

Might as well start your travels by getting out and EXPLORING Marathon County.

Happy reading!

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